Learn all about planting trees with Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation allows you to plant trees around the world from the comfort of your home. We have made it super easy and fun to plant a tree so that more and more citizens join our cause to reforest the world. In the following sections we will tell you how to make the most of your tree planting!

plant around the world

Where would you like to plant?

You can choose to plant your trees on many different plantation projects located on 3 different continents of the planet. We have selected our partner projects very carefully to make sure your trees grow tall and healthy.

Discover all our planting projects

Choose your species

Plant the species you fancy

There are more than 300 different species to plant on Tree-Nation. You’ll find from baobabs and cacao trees to some rare trees like the Pachira quinata or majestic ones like the Ceiba Pentandra.

more than trees

Meet the virtual tree

When you plant a tree with Tree-Nation, you are also creating its virtual companion: the virtual tree. You can personalize your virtual tree with a picture and a message to let your friends know why you are planting this tree. Also you can share your virtual tree page on social networks, post comments and check the location and species information about the real tree.

This is how the virtual tree looks:

the real tree

Find all the info about the real tree

At the bottom of the virtual tree page you will find all the information regarding the real tree: the species details, its location and a link to the tree certificate.

The tree gift

Offer trees to your friends and family

Trees make an awesome gift. They are beautiful, they produce the oxigen we all breath while absorbing the CO2 that is causing Climate Change and so many natural catastrophes. So we have build Tree-Nation to make offering trees an enjoyable experience for both the sender and the recipient.

When you offer a tree, it’s recipient will arrive to this page to collect the tree.


The perfect gift for all occasions

Mother’s and father’s day, valentines, christmas, birthdays, weddings… there are so many special occasions where we struggle to find a good gift… well, don’t struggle no more. You can always offer a tree and use a theme from our collection to make it look perfect for the occasion.


Receive your tree certificate

For each tree you plant you will receive certificate containing all the important information about the tree: the species, location, plantation project information, CO2 compensation values and much more. The certificate is signed by the manager of the plantation project.

stay on the green side

Compensate your CO2 emissions

Each year, your total annual emissions average 9 tons of CO2, just because you live a normal human life. With our Serial Planter program you can easily become CO2 neutral.
Tree-Nation - Compensate CO2

Keep track of your impact
Keep track of the impact of your tree planting with your personalized counters. You can easily know how much CO2 your trees are compensating so that you stay always on the green side.

Are you ready to plant some trees?